Mobile compatibility

I have become a great fan of UE4 - am speechless sometimes when I look at the screen. Just one hitch though. The demos are awesome but since the engine right now is iOS and Android focussed (for indies atleast) I feel more attention needs to be given to make mobile compatible assets. There can be demos clearly labelled " Only for PC/Console" and we would love to play with that and learn but the mobile platform needs to be addressed first. I downloaded the racing demo and it was so mindblowingly awesome. But sadly all the cool things like the terrain shader, landscape splines, foliage etc dont show up on my Nexus 5. As a programmer I do understand that shader complexity is an issue on GL ES2.0 but it would have been nice to ALSO make this a mobile compatible demo perhaps with simpler shaders ? Atleast have a mobile version of the shader also provided so we can see how to optimize for those platforms ?

Anyways awesome work guys, pleasure working with UE4 !

Hi Sanjit,

There are many things we are currently working on to improve Mobile functionality. We do have several content examples in the Marketplace that are for Mobile, such as, Tappy Chicken, Strategy game, Swing Ninja, Mobile Temple and the newly released Black Jack.

Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks Tim !