[MOBILE] Color Drop - arcade mobile game


Hey everyone!

Long ago in the beginning of 2014 my brother and i decided to design video games. We imagined of different original game plots and mechanics such as arcade for devices, match-3 and 2 platformers and realised that it’s time to learn how to program and draw. As our speciality is aircraft engineer of course we had no experience in game producing so we started from the very beginning.
At first we decided to design arcade game for mobile platform. I started learning programming and looking for game driver and brother drawing. First was Java and Construct2 in pixel art. Almost finished working for Construct2 in summer 2014 i stroke an information that Epic games had released UE4 driver with Blue Print. My brother and i has no doubt that driver made by creators of games of our childhood such as Jazz JackRabbit2 and Unreal Tournament should be awesome. Thus we started working on Unreal Engine 4.

After million changes of Blue Prints and 4 times redrawing we are glad to introduce you the Color Drop!
It is a hardcore arcade game for mobile devices where player is navigating a rain drop falling. Aim is to score as much as possible points dropping through coloutful clouds. Gamer must gather up base colours red or green or blue to get the necessary colour of the cloud and at the same time dodge different obstacles.

What a super neat idea! And the art is cute as well! Great work for newcomers!

Awesome art style!

Thank you! ^^

Really love the art style on this, great job! :slight_smile:

Still in progress :slight_smile:
[video]Color Drop Gameplay - YouTube