[Mobile]Checking for Touch and Drag to multiple points?

Regarding Topic Title: English is not my native language. :confused:

Dear UE4 Community,

I finally had the chance to purchase UE4. Thank you Epic, for adding PayPal.


I am preparing to work on a small 2.5 D Side-Scroller Mobile Game with a good friend of mine. I sat down for hours now checking out the Blueprint System, but I am stuck (and clueless) with getting something working.

We want to have runes in our game, which you have to re-paint with your fingers, in a manner, to destroy the obstacle, where the rune is painted on.

Now, the thing is:

We want the player to have to start touching the start point of the rune and follow the lines to each other point of the rune (each rune has 5 points) to be able to paint it.

Here an Image to show you rune examples:


The bigger point is always the starting point and from there, you have to go to the other points in order without releasing the finger from the touch device.

Can I achieve this only using Blueprints? If yes, which approach would I have to take? Maybe with an invisible box which is being dragged and dropped?


PS: I am using Tappy Chicken as a “Base of Operations”.

Still trying to figure it out, my brain starts to hurt ^^.

If anyone can help out, I would be greatful :slight_smile: