Mobile - Cannot Package, or Deploy to Device

Me to, I want to deploy project in 4.19.

If EPIC can upgrade engine a few time on year - that mean’s that they must work on all stuff from early version to work in new version.

But for now - android deployment dont work in newest version.

Thank you @**Tomislav0309 , **Thank there’re some differences in my CodeWorks , I’ll try to download Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image and ARM EABI v7a System Image to see maybe fix the problems, Also i can’t install Nsight Tegra Visual Studio with some errors with Visual Studio before start downloading in CodeWorks

I’ve download other SDKs also I’ve installed Visual Studio Android Support for Unreal Engine using visual studio installer , and that installer downloaded all sdks and ndk again , but the problem still exists ! I’ve tested blueprint and c++ third person template in 4.17.2 and 4.19.2 with both Enable and Disable Grafle instead of Ant option , and testing on both android-19 and android-23 API level ,but i couldn’t launch or package for android!

for Enable Gradle my error is : LogPlayLevel: ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args /c “G:\Unreal Projects\TestMobC\Intermediate/Android/APK\gradle\rungradle.bat” :app:assembleDebug
and for disable Gradle my error is : LogPlayLevel: ERROR: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The system cannot find the file specified

Finally i could fix the problem on all version including 4.19.1 , my steps are :

0- Close Engine and VS
1- Uninstall android Codeworks and all modules then restart your PC
2- Download Codworks 1R7 from…or-android-1r7
3- Download and Install modules like screenshot, make sure you’re installing to drive C . (Download location isn’t important)
4- Goto project settings-> Android SDK and set all text fields for locations to empty and restart engine
5- Open engine and Goto project settings-> Android SDK and set text filed as second screen shot
All done and you’re ready to launch or package in 4.19.1

Good! :slight_smile:

But my opinion is that this step’s won’t help to all users. Best example is my situation, project works on 4.17 but dont work od 4.19.

I use steps like you,everything was deleted etc, but no results.

I think totally this problem is not come from UE4 packaging system and cause by android code works, maybe missing some component or different naming convention and some similar problems…

First I have problem with NVPACK folder, his size was over 90GB…Then I unninstal codeworks and manually delete NVPACK folder, removed UE4 versions from EPIC LAUNCHER, and then reinstall everything.
After some additional package that I have installed in codeworks - runs on 4.17., still dont wont on 4.19.

Vahid i can confirim with these steps i can package succesfully thank you 4 ansewers above at 4.17