Mobile Buttons and Virtual Joystick

I have been trying to get a button and Virtual Joystick working together, and it just doesn’t behave as I expect.

Basically I just want a Left Virtual Joystick to move around and 2 buttons on the right to attack, or block.

I made my own Touch Interface Setup and I tried modifying the Left Virtual Joystick that was in the Engine Content.
It seems like no matter what I do I can’t get the button to do what I want it to. The crazy thing is that when I create a
custom “Touch Interface Setup” it wants to behave exactly like the virtual joystick. I can bind it to whatever
“Main Input Key” or “Alt Input Key” I want to execute my attack function and it completely ignores what key I set
and just keeps behaving like a virtual joystick.

I found a few threads on UE4 answers but no concrete solution. I also saw a few threads about how you can create
buttons with UMG but then I read that UMG doesn’t support axis mapping. So I could have buttons but then maybe
I lose the joystick which is a nice feature.

It seems like a common enough issue, but I am not really able to find a simple answer for it.
Can anybody point me in the right direction??

On some of my projects I’ve used the touch interface (left stick only) for movement and created UMG buttons on the right for actions like shoot, bash, jump and speed control.

Thank You Alan!

I will try that.
Did you run into any issues with UMG buttons conflicting with the virtual joystick.
I read some threads about people saying when one was being used the other was disabled.


My UI looks exactly like yours and it works fine.

There is also a default touch interface for Left Stick only. Just look into your project settings under Input. There is a Default Touch Interface option and if you check View Engine Content you will find LeftVirtualJoystickOnly. Then i just added the UMG stuff and it works without problems.


Thank you Xces and Alan. I am going to try and set it up now. :smiley:

Works Perfectly. THanks Again Guys!!!