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Good afternoon I’ve been trying for a long time to make a build for Android on Unreal Engine 4.27.2, I’ve reviewed a lot of tutorials, but I can’t do it. I am writing this here so that they can help me. Thank you in advance!

Hi TheStad, Welcome to the Forums.

It’s important that you’re looking at the version of the docs for 4.27. (Also note the extra instructions for 4.27)

Once you can open up a windows command prompt and type ‘adb’, you are most of the way there.

In the past when banging my head against the keyboard to fix android issues I’ve had to change ‘Windows Environment Variables’ (Things need to point to the right folders/exes)

I feel it is appropriate to share this meme:


I did it both through the documentation and through guides on YouTube, but I got errors

Well, the first step in debugging android errors is to open your output log (Window → Output Log), Find the red ‘ERROR:’ text and if it’s not apparent what that error means, paste the error text into google. (And then, if nothing is found via googling, post the error here so that the community can potentially help you)

I’ve been waiting for an answer from someone for 10 days now, but I still haven’t received one, so I decided to answer you so that you would notice. Here are the errors that occur during the build:

I’d try deleting your projects ‘Intermediate’ folder, and then try rebuilding.

I’m also seeing it suggested to have the project setting ‘Package game data inside of .apk’ off. (Testing with a new, empty project might help you determine if filesize is a contributing factor.)

Fine! If it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know

I tried, but nothing worked(

Thanks for checking,

It’s been a while since I’ve packaged for mobile, so I’m not super up-to-date on the latest build system idiosyncrasies.

A search for “cmd.exe failed with args /c rungradle.bat :app:assembleDebug” returns a lot of discussion on this error.

Found some cool info in a reddit post

Gradle is an extra tool that helps with build automation and dependency management. It’s not part of the JDK/JRE, but does require the JRE to run.

  • There’s Java, the language.
  • There’s the JDK (Java Development Kit), which allows developers to compile the code into bytecode.
  • There’s the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), which allows the compiled bytecode to be executed using the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

So, I’d experiment with Java version and possibly ‘Manually targeting SDK paths’ (there’s a section for that in the doc I linked in first post)

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You should try it via JDK, maybe it will work

Thank you! You helped me

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Sorry again, but is it possible to make post processing work on phones?

Hi again,

Yes, if you enable Mobile HDR, but watch your performance since it will take a large hit from this.

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I don’t have it in the “Mobile” category, but in the “VR” category, is this normal?

Good Observation,

That is normal. It might be in that category because MobileHDR is something you’d probably want to disable when deploying for Mobile VR platforms.

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I have it turned on, but post processing does not work:(

What sort of post process effect are you trying to apply?

I want to apply a pixel effect(Post Processing Material)