Mobile Build sizes are getting bigger with every release.


I have been told that Epic plans on addressing the packaging size in version 4.8
I would just like to bring it to your attention that build sizes have been increasing.

For example the same game IPA as a file file size is 51mb in version 4.3 and a file size of 91mb in version 4.7p8
That is a substantial amount of MB’s

Now on IOS this isnt that much of an issue.
But on android its a major set back. Literally taking away income from our pockets.

I have requested some clarification regarding this matter here which touches on the DLC support.
I also requested if Epic or someone in the community can clarify how to do something like this Tutorial Unity 4 apk splitting into OBB for google play

Information regarding this could literally be the difference between eating and not eating at the end of each month.

Looking at those it appears this is something that is currently not supported.
I am then assuming the DLC support trello ticket is only relevant to PC / Mac / Linux builds.

Clarification would be really appreciated.

i have a project that packaged for iOS at 83mb in 4.7.6 I’ve just packaged the same project in 4.8 and its 126mb. also the packed game will not launch on the device.