Mobile app to save traffic

Hi. I often find myself in need to access the forum from mobile.
The problem is that the forum eats a lot traffic.
Pretty much every serious forum has a mobile app to deal with that problem. You don’t have to download the entire page with the app each time you visit, just user texts
Even less serious communities have apps, and we are developers community that suffer from lack of an IT problem, this is shameful
Now that as one mod claimed that unreal forum has 1.5 million users, we really need to start doing something.
I understand that it is not the main concern now, focus is developing the engine to the greatest level imaginable
But I would volunteer if only epic games would give their green light
​​​​​​As a community of developers, I am sure there are a lot of people with relevant skills, we may unite and give back to the epics and the community