Mobile 9 sensor fusion tips

Hi Epic/Community,

With the advent of VR just around the corner, I thought it might be nice to have a 9 fusion sensor tutorial for mobile devices to replicate VR functionality, without needing VR component (similar to Google’s Spotlight Stories).

This would be useful for allowing mobile devices to use the best of the Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Accelerometer respectively.

I however don’t know really the first place to start.

If anyone could provide any tips for implementing such a demise, I’d be eternally grateful :smiley:


AFAIK there hasn’t been a word about Cardboard or similar VR support for mobile.
UE4 has been focussed about Gear VR and Oculus lately, and there has been a tremendous amount of request for cardboard support.

Responding to which, there is a dev around who has been working on a plugin for same, but there is no ETA on when that’ll be available.
So for now, you’ll have to roll on your own. Accelo is already around, Gyro & Magneto is something that one will need to figure out on their own.

Amazingly, someone from UE4 should ‘at least’ update their take on Cardboard and similar VR projects.
Is anyone listening??

** EDIT **

Just found out an ongoing discussion here

Thanks for the pointers, though it’s not the VR/Cardboard functionality that I’m after.

It’s the sensor fusion algorithm behind virtual reality headsets that I’m interested in.

This is for the purpose of achieving a camera in the scene where on mobile I can look around with the device and my camera would react accordingly.

Quick update, in the form of a running commentary, of where I am so far…

I think I’ve found a good starting point for this…

Is a good white paper on how to do this.

You’ll see equation 2 and 3 on page 2 is how you figure out the Roll/Tilt (via the Gravity vector)

The Roll can then be deducted directly from the Tilt vector