MOBA Starter Kit

Hello to all, I am a Spanish developer, and please do not judge my English. Because of the confinement I have a disastrous financial situation; I’ve decided to create a fairly ambitious new asset for the Marketplace. I am working to give you the highest quality that is in my hand and above all I open this thread, to show you the development, and that you can participate with your opinions. Thank you!

First of all. What have I done so far? -We go in parts:

Camera, FOG, Targeting System, Game Style, Configuration Examples:
[SPOILER]- **RTS Camera, **Fog Of War:





**- Mini Map: **Works with Fog, and move character to click location. You can customize the hero icons, and the minions will appear in small red or green icons depending if they are from the same team as you.


- 3D Targeting System: Works, and by colors, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Friendly, Red: Hostile.



Yes, the sword is seen, it is because I did not delete the reference in the possessed character. xD

  • Movement: U Can decide Click or Wasd Movement.



Yes, everything is planned so you can configure your style of game or camera without having to program anything.

Wait a moment … You read correctly, there are Third Person options. Can you imagine being able to transform your game in two clicks? With this asset it is possible.





You can also set a target, to rotate about as in a traditional targeting system.[/SPOILER]

**Combat System: **
[SPOILER]Let’s talk a little about the Combat System… The asset is raised under a component system, to avoid castings towards the character as much as possible, although it has not always been possible to avoid it, because this system has a pawn and then a unit, in this case the character BP, in order to properly replicate the movement by click.


To name a few components, there are components of Collision, Combat, Stats, etc… Where you can modify anything to your desire.




It is possible that I will work more on the montage section to achieve a better mix of animations from the Anim BP.

**Combo System: **The combat system works with a combos system, so it never does the same animation. There are three combos branches and a fourth added that will only activate if the character is in the air, to combine air attacks, in the normal combos system. All branches have a maximum of 4 different attacks, combinable between them. In other words, you can combine the first attack of branch 1 with the second attack of branch 3, use the third attack of branch 2, and finally end with a fourth attack of the air combo branch. That I recommend that you always put the fourth attack with a more spectacular animation. Combos will reset after ten seconds from when the attack was made or when the four attacks are over. This can be found in the attack component.

There is still some work to polish, but it is quite advanced.



**Hit Direction: **The system captures the direction from which the blow comes, and sends a reaction signal depending on the direction. Currently: Front, Back, Left, Right. For example, if the character is hit from the back, it will not only play an animation of being hit, but it will automatically apply half of the armor statistic, in order to reduce the damage taken. Although it is intended for advanced players, and if the player carries a shield, and carries it on the back, it will automatically block all the damage received from the back, but it will not reduce the damage received from the front.

List of actual Stats:

Basics / Regeneration: Health, Mana, Fury, Energy.
Defense Basics: Armor, Magic Resist, MagicShield
Advanced: Armor Penetration, Magic Resist Penetration, Dodge Chance, Critical Chance.
Combat: Attack Power, Magic Power.

**Type Of Damages: **Physical, Magic and Trueborn. (Trueborn Damage Ignore Armor or Magic Resist Stats but no Magic Shields).[/SPOILER]

Stat Bar Details:
[SPOILER]**Stat Bar: **Always add spacers automatically to reference the character’s life. Generating a square for every 100 life points.


It will also delete them automatically, by lowering the life bar.


As you can see, all the characters, which are marked as creeps, will have a simpler bar, this is designed for minions, or jungle monsters, you can also decide if you want the name to be seen or not.[/SPOILER]

Spell System:
[SPOILER]**- Spell System:


Upgrade: Think of a traditional Moba game, depending on the level of the player (Max 18), he will be able to increase the power of his abilities in the same way as in those traditional mobas. For example, the ultimate can only be used from level 6, and can be upgraded to level 11 and 16.

Hud Interaction: The skill icons will appear in a grayish hue if the skill is not yet usable, the character does not have enough mana, is silenced or is dead.

Normal Spell Example: (Magic Shield)


The Magic Shield will always protect the player’s life, until the player is finished or has lost all the shield points, The first blow that breaks the shield, will only do the damage that exceeds the remaining shield points.

Ultimate Spell Example:


Automatically the ability will cool down and turn off, however other abilities can be used but will stop casting the current one. In this example I show you a lightning bolt that once doing all the calculation of the character stats (Magic Power + Magic Penetration + Ability damage - Enemy Magic Resist) Generates 100 Magic damage per second.


Inventory System:
Basic Stat Example


On Have Item Example[/SPOILER]

What is expected to add to this asset?

Finish some example Abilities.
Have several example characters.
Classic Moba game mode.
Group system.
Multiplayer Menu with champion selection.
Chat by teams, clubs “Clans” and private messages.
In short, a playable template.

Solving any errors that may appear and have been overlooked.

Ideas to shuffle:

- Dynamic Servers:]([Plugin] Dynamic servers system - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums)
I saw CESHARP’s work, and I was completely overwhelmed; most interestingly, esque is interested in making it compatible in the future with this asset. Thanks CESHARP.

- ALS v.4:](Advanced Locomotion System V4 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)
A good friend said to include ALS V.4 Replicated. "I think that is illegal even though ALS V.4 is now free"

  • But if necessary, once the asset is finished, I could include it in a separate copy, and whoever sent me an email proving to own both assets would send that new copy to them.

  • Anyway, I have sent a message to LongmireLocomotion, in case you would give me permission to use it.

Obviously, this would not increase any type of cost in the product, it would simply be a kind of free update for the user’s enjoyment.

- Basic attacks from a distance:

Give the option that basic ranged attacks always go to the location of the enemy target and not be a directional shot.

I close the post for a moment here, I will be adding information in each advance, there are more things done, but I will add them in the next update. Thanks for the visit, and cheers!

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Your work looks very cool!!!

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Is there anymore update to this?