MOBA Spell System MP


This is a thread support of MOBA Spell System Multiplayer. You can ask me here about system and i will try answer as soon as possible.

With MOBA Spell System MP you can create spells and items in MOBA or RPG style. The are many functions to provide you easy customize different kind of spells. System is easy to set up, so you can implement it in your own game without any problems. It contains different types of system, such as Item, Shop, Spell, Hero states and stats. Also full multiplayer support!


  • Shop system
  • Item system
  • Spell system
  • Level and experience system
  • Drag and drop


  • Full multiplayer support
  • 2 blueprint actor components
  • 6 enumerations
  • 12 structures
  • 22 blueprint actors (with templates and other)
  • Blueprint masters: spell, item, buff
  • 4 data tables
  • 12 textures
  • 3 materials
  • Different types of cast system
  • Cooldown system
  • Spell homing and landing systems
  • Custom cursor
  • Damage and respawn system
  • Experience system
  • Shop system (inventory, backpack, stash, quick buy panel)
  • Character stats: HP, MP, Experience
  • PDF file with instructions