Moba Prototype


I’m looking to get some quotes on a MOBA prototype. I’m used to Unity3d but exploring the option of UE4. The game would be desktop only. Having looked on the market place to see if there are any assets that could be used as a starting point there doesn’t seem to be much. However UDK had what looked like a very comprehensive MOBA starter kit. Would it be worth porting that to UE4?

In any case if anyone is interested please send me a message. I’m happy to pay in advance for certain milestones and I have a detailed design document which should hopefully make it fairly straight forward to get a working prototype up and running.

Any idea of the timeline you’re looking to have this done by? Or perhaps the overall scope of the prototype? To some people a prototype would be zero custom graphics, to others it’s an alpha build of the full product.

these guys are making already what you plan to do…join them or maybe you can share development or assets:

Scope of the prototype:

Networking for 2-4 players (testing purposes only)
Lobby for character selection
All attributes (health, etc…)
All skill types (skill shots, point and click abilities, area effect, etc…)
Two characters to select in the lobby
Sandbox settings (gain levels instantly with a button press, gain gold instantly with a button press)

What it would not include

A map

Basically think of it as a playable game of DOTA/LOL if there was no map, no win conditions, basic placeholder graphics and just a flat plane sandbox to brawl in and test things. Oh, and it would be Sci Fi.

I’ve had a look at the MOBA starter kit for UDK and that seems to have everything that would be needed (except networking?). After porting that it would be a matter of customising to match my game. Prefer to pay for concrete milestones. I have a detailed GDD (a lot of which would not be required in the prototype) so it should be pretty easy to come up with some milestones that are very specific, which I would prefer.

GameDev-DR: I took a look at what they were doing and I think it’s probably a long way off what I’m looking to do. Mine is more of a traditional MOBA with subtle tweaks rather than something trying to find a new genre. I’m only doing this as a hobby that scratches the creation itch. Not looking to make money from it.!&highlight=moba

would you be interested in a composer? I could help with that. If so give me a contact detail to talk to you with