[MobA Prototype] Hobby Project Looking For 2D/3D Artists

Hello there! :smiley:

I’m developing a small game prototype during my free time. I’m working around 10 hours a week on the project, sometimes a bit more. It is kind of a hobby / learning project.

I’ve come to a point where I’d need to have graphical assets to dive deeper into the prototyping process. But I’m not looking to “hire” people, rather to group up with other keen people. Ideally we would be a small team, working remotely whenever we want and feel the will to. I’m willing to work with anyone that has the skill or the will to learn the skill to fulfill one or several of the tasks this project needs. Obviously some basics knowledge of your skill field and the proper software to produce the assets will be necessary!

My goal is to develop a playable prototype to try out the game feel of several game mechanics I have in mind. Obviously if we happen to work together we will be trying out the prototype alltogether and we will have a game prototype to showcase our Unreal 4 development skills!

The Project

  • The project codename is “Moba Prototype” right now.
  • It is aimed at showcasing a multiplayer fast-action/combat game feel from a top down perspective.
  • Two teams are battling against each other on LAN or Online.
  • Each team is consisting of 2 (maybe up to 5) players who each control a unique character with a special set of abilities.
  • For now there is only one dummy character planed to shorten the amount of time between the production and the playtesting.
  • It is not planned to add AI minions or creeps to the prototype.
  • My current plan is to play the game using a Gamepad, with the camera locked to the character. I’d like to see how it feels ingame. Of course, mouse and keyboard inputs can be implemented if needed (if someone in the team doesn’t have a Gamepad for instance ;)).
  • There is no scenario or history, no graphical chart, no universe set up. The original idea was to choose something close to Wildstar’s universe for its freedom of design (swords meeting lasers) but everything can change depending on our group’s ideas and wills. We don’t necessarily need that for a quick prototype anyway.

I’m calling this project a “prototype” because its main purpose is to make us able to try the game feel of what we created. The best case scenario would be to come up with something that allow us to play against each other online or using a LAN software like Hamachi (if the possible Steam implementation would not work). Ultimately the ambition would be to wrap up a clean and polished game prototype to demonstrate our Unreal 4 development skills and to showcase some game mechanics. There is no “deadline” because it’s a hobby project but a good timing would be the end of the year if we don’t want to linger too much.

Here is a video of the current progression of the basic multiplayer features (hosting / joining / spawning / team color / switch team).

Here are some screenshots of the project (click to enlarge).

The Team

Currently it is just me :smiley: I am a Blueprint Prototyper and a Game Designer. I can also handle the implementation of your assets into the project if you can’t.

The Needs

By order of priority I’m looking for a 3D Character Artist, a Visual Effect Artist and a UI 2D Artist. If you feel confident in taking over one or several of the next tasks, feel free to contact me. I would like people who will take the initiative to learn on their own if they need to. I can also help but I don’t have much knowledge regarding the graphical production, a little bit more regarding the graphical implementation itself. I’m sure we will be able to work something out together :slight_smile:

Task List:

  • Animated 3D Character

  • *Animated character model (~10 animations)

  • Doesn’t need to have a proper texture

  • Possibility to use the UE4 Mannequin as a base model and work only on animations

  • Possibility to do it from scratch (designing / modeling / rigging / skinning / animating)

  • If we happen to have a texture, it would have a specific spot dedicated to Team Color

  • Must be imported in Unreal with its animation set (FBX file)

  • I’m used to work with artists using Maya or 3DSMax

    • Projectile and Ability Visual Effects

    • *Common projectile (Arrow / Fireball…)

    • Abilities FX (Magical Explosion, Grenade Explosion…)

    • Weapon Trails (Swords)

    • Buff / Debuff FX (Stunned, Empowered…)

    • Pick Ups (Health, Energy, Movespeed…)

    • Must be built using Unreal 4’s Cascade feature

    • User Interface

    • *Ability Icons

    • Area of Effects Decals

    • Health, Energy & Stamina Bars

    • Menu (Main Screen, Multiplayer Lobby, Buttons)

    • Scoreboard, Stat Sheet…

    • JPG / PNG files*

Talking Organization

We will work remotely, at home or wherever we please. We will be using Skype for work communications and scheduled meetings (if needed to have some, nothing too boring or constraining).

I will handle the production organization and task management and I will provide you some back up documents for the workflow. We might need to talk a bit for me to become more comfortable with your own asset workflow.

I’m planning on using Google Drive to share our files together as a quick-and-lazy solution.

A little about me

I’m Yun, a 25 years old indie game designer. I’m French and I’m living in Lyon where I’m working with a small rising team of developers.

I’m a self taught Blueprint prototyper. I can code a lot of basic features, few multiplayer features or build a little bit more advanced systems that work with each other. I have a bit of knowledge of the tasks and problems usually encountered by the different game development poles.

I eventually give Blueprint lessons in some of the Game Design schools in Lyon and I also upload some tutorials over the net when I got the time.

I’m playing esport games mostly, from League of Legends to Counter-Strike:Go with a tiny touch of Rocket League. Nowadays I’m mainly playing Heroes of the Storm and I’m expecting to play a lot of Overwatch when I’ll have access to it! I’m playing video games for almost 20 years now!

I hope we will have the pleasure to get to know each other really soon! :wink:


If you want to jump in, email me your Skype or add me direcly! Make sure to mention your timezone (mine is GMT+1) and free-hours if we want to find a moment to get in touch :slight_smile:

We will talk about what tasks you want to do, what are your skills and why you are interested in the project.


*See you soon!

Elliot Yun :D*

Bump! Still looking someone for each task! :slight_smile: