MOBA/MMO Blueprintable?

I’m so far having cold feet before even starting a project, and so I put it to you folks: is the blueprint system okay enough to make a simple, but working and functional MOBA/MMO to test out a few concepts of mine?

Simply put? Sure. You need only take a look around the work in progress sub-forum to see some of the amazing things people are accomplishing with blueprints.

Additionally, a large chunk of the sample templates and games from Epic utilize blueprints.

They have the top down template so i’m sure its very possible, but you will have to learn more about blueprint.

But really only the basics. As soon as it comes to more complex networking, like matchmaking and server instances, you won’t be happy with BP alone.
So better get yourself ready for C++. It will make things alot easier and learning C++ doesn’t take that long.

Ah, okay.
Thank you very much, that is helpful.

Even though I do not exactly look forward to studying C++.

Yeah, but keep in mind. Blueprint was originaly designed to give designers an easy and fast way to change materials, open a door or something like this.

Although you CAN create games with BP, i recommened to learn C++ if you really want to create big games. You will use a combination out of BP and C++,
but a Game like LoL (so a MOBA) in BP only is hard to imagine for me. Although i guess you would be able to create most of it.

If you can learn BP then C++ will be easier to learn since you will already know how to structure your code and use things like variables.

It’s possible, but I would highly advise not making a moba or an mmo as your first project. You need to make an extremely simple project first just to learn. By extremely simple I mean a pong clone, and then move up to a breakout clone, then a pac man clone, then a mario clone, then probably 2 or 3 more simple games, and then you can consider making an mmo.