MOBA-like target /range indicators?

Hello everyone!
I wanted to ask how I could approach the creation of a MOBA like target and or range indicator! I am thinking something like league of legends actually - not particularly exactly like it, i just would like to draw something like those on the ground!
I already tried using fast-moving particles but the result is ugly and doesn’t respond well to movement!
Any other ideas? Really appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance!

Maybe decals?

A 3D UMG widget might work and allow you to hook into your data-driven systems to dynamically modify your widgets based on a characters stats or AOE size.

Actually I tried decals and I couldn’t find a way to ‘stretch’ them dynamically to resemble an indicator. I am not sure if I missed something…

I am trying your solution at the moment. I still can’t seem to find an easy way to ‘define’ the rotation and location so that the widget ‘connects’ two points! Say the character and the mouse!
Any idea how to approach that?

Scale them with material parameter

And how about the rotation? I would like to connect say, two points, which I have specific locations for each. I can’t see how to use material parameters for this…?

Well such indicator would be 2D right? so one float should do the deal

For the rotation you could use Find Look at Rotation node to set the child component’s(3D Widget) relative rotation. Use Character’s World Location as the start and Mouse World Location as the target.

As far as distance, you’re thinking dotted lines that extend to the mouse cursor until max range like in LoL right? Maybe you could use a spline component that draws a 3D UMG image (renctangle) every X increment with padding between and has whatever image you set as the target point?