MOBA Game?


I would like to create a MOBA game using only blueprints, how would i be able to create it?


Hm, this question seems too general.
Could you please shrink it down to smaller problems?

The only thing i could answer on this is a general thought:

You need a matchmaking system that puts together 10 players,
5 on each team. Each player should be able to choose a character
which he will than controll. The Server wouldn’t be a listen server
since you don’t want the players to cheat.

I don’t really know where i should began with answering more. So please
start your project and ask question when you get an error.

If you don’t even know where to start, i would suggest either sitting down
and writing down everything you would need. Than learn it one after another,
or better start with a smaller project. I you watch League of Legends or Dota2,
you see that this is a very big deal and complicated.

MOBA even thru it tries to be called diffrent game type it is essentially RTS just with Hero mechanic from Warcraft 3, so in design you need think it like RTS, but you might try to marge it with something different (like Smite is using WoW-like base).

As hopw to do this… learn UE4, think what MOBA needs and think how your MOBA should be and do it