Mob Princess

Hey all, since Covid I’ve been busy developing my skills as an artist and animator. I’m confident enough now to announce my animated series project, titled ‘Mob Princess’ which I will be developing entirely in the Unreal Engine.

More info coming as soon as I think about what to write lol


Hey there @Mobfolios,

Your characters are absolutely fantastic. They all completely demonstrate a personality without even saying anything, great work!

Can’t wait to see some videos of these guys in action.


Thank you, that means a lot to me. I actually got some stuff on Twitter and IG I’ve been slowly posting

@MobPrincessShow on twitter


In the meantime check out this fun animation minus audio lol

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Update on progress


The facial expressions…wow! :smiley: So much emotion with seemingly a few adjustments. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see the film.


The design quality in each scene and the character models themselves look incredible! I can tell you’ve been hard at work perfecting your craft for this project. What are your plans and hopes for “Mob Princess” this year? :grin:

Thank you, I actually intend on turning this into an episodic series.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliments. I’ve been working on this for a couple of years now in my free time, but there is so much more that has been written for this that once I iron out the animation pipeline kinks we should be seeing a lot more content. TBH my major issue was hardware limitations and not having a RTX 4090 to speed up rending, especially working with grooms. Thankfully I was able to save money last year and build a pc to match my ambitions.

This year’s plans are to round out the characters and their personalities by creating shorts to post to social media to hopefully build an audience and attract funding or a producing partner. We have about 3 episodes already written and outlines for the first season and second seasons. And by we I mean there’s about 5 of us now, mostly voice mocap actors and writers, and then me doing all the 3D work on top of voicing some actors.

Below is another test animation but I’m trying to figure out how to fix the bone animations in the face ATM, that and the random fingertip sparkles.


That is amazing! I’m happy that you were able to save up for a quality PC build and continued development despite having limited resources. Your hard work and perseverance are definitely paying off! This year is you and your team’s year! I’m looking forward to seeing all the great content you share. :raised_hands:

Here’s some clips from the ending credits sequence