Moar Weapon Packs

Howdy Folks!

I’d like to submit a request to all of you artists out there. It would be brilliant to see more variety of weapon packs on the marketplace. I come from the art side myself, however, as I’m delving more into the gameplay and blueprint side of working on my project it makes it difficult to find the time to sit down and actually get some weapons made. As such, weapon packs focusing on a wider variety of weapon types would be brilliant to see on the store, and would save a ton of time for myself! There’s some fantastic content on there at the minute and i’m utilising a lot of it, but i’m seeing a lack in the links of the bigger guns. Rocket Launchers, Granade Launchers, any WW2 weapons, a Mini Gun, a chain gun! Big boys toys!

On that note, It would be really nice to have weapon packs with included sounds aswell, something that’s lacking in a lot of the currently available packs!

Anyway, Thats my two scents for now! If any of you have work outside of the marketplace in the way of weapons let me know :wink:


Which I see similar, I can do something for you in the foreseeable future.
I think of futuristic weapons for modern, future and scifi setting. Real heavy guns for hard rigs or hardsuits.

good day :slight_smile: