hey guys, could someone help me with the steps?
Ive created a simple server - client (in CMD) with C++ , the clients can chat with each other, they cant send empty messages. Also server is connected with a database and when a client logs in (when a client starts is being signed in automatically) send a file to the client (just for an expiriment)

What should i do next?

Not sure how this is related to the Unreal Engine C++… unless I’m missing something :slight_smile:

  1. Does your game work the way you want it?
  2. Yes: Release game. Done!
  3. No: Pick one thing that is not right, and fix it.
  4. Goto 1.

^^ this :slight_smile:

i didnt mean this :P, im speaking about the coding part :stuck_out_tongue: . Actually i dont know how to add the client from my simple client to the engine