mmorpg: big maps


There are a lot of posts regarding big maps and UE4. However, some say World Composition is best for big maps (say, uncharted?) for singleplayer, since on multiplayer it could get ‘tedious’, but possible.

So, we have pretty clear that if we’re doing a mmorph with a big map, we should be cautious with culling, and all that. However, this game is not in first person view, its more like a top down view, so culling distance will be very veery minimal/small.
I just wanted to ask if just 1 big level (landscape, 10x10km?) would cause troubles, like delays, crashing or anything related with network bandwidth, taking into considerating that its a topdown view game, diablo1-3 style… or you would go with a world composition [level streaming] ?


You can’t load such a huge level if its even remotely complex in detail and expect good performance. I’m not sure why WC can’t be used for MP but then I’m far away from being able to use MP.

You need to stream huge worlds in order to have anyone play it, thats the basic idea.

I’ll leave the details to those familiar with huge worlds , streaming for performance and MP.


Thanks neighborlee.

If anyone could lighten me up abit with this, Id be grateful :P, since I know for singleplayer its just fine.

I am also wondering if, the choice is world composition: level streaming for the mmorpg, if its better to either use small tiles or big tiles on the composition of the landscape. Of course, taking into account the game is top down view[diablo style]]

Isn’t ARK bigger than 10x10km?

16 x 16 km maps are doable with some creative use of LODs and planning. Only problem you’ll run into is floating point accuracy issues, which isn’t that big of an issue if you don’t do a first person shooter.