MMO via World Composition

I’ve been doing a fair share of research in regard to the recently added World Composition feature, and I’ve been specifically looking at making an MMO. Since world origin shifting isn’t a supported in multiplayer, I’m left to either implement my own server solution or implement some layer between clients and Unreal dedicated servers to transform position and route them to the right dedicated server as the World Composition Wiki page suggests. Now I’m slightly confused on what this means. Does it refer to having the host technically run multiple servers as well as his/her own client, which along with everyone else in the game, drop them in the correct server based off of their location. So they all start in the “origin world” and server and if an Actor reached the “edge” of that layer world, they jump into the corresponding server?

Also, is it possible to run a tiled world with a client/server model instead of a dedicated server with UE4?

Your intuition on how to do it is right. As far as I know though, the engine doesn’t support multiple servers and host migration like that out of the box.