MMO style homing spell projectiles that can never miss the target

This tutorial shows how you can make a projectile that will hit the target and only that target; no matter what. Much like what you’d see in a game like World of Warcraft. This tutorial assumes you already have some sort of system for targeting.

You can check out my video tutorial series on RPG style targeting here:

If you don’t want/like/need a system like that, then you can always just use a simple line trace and store the actor hit.

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Very handy thanks

I hate those things! :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out, I have some more tutorials to go with this (I just have to get around to uploading them). One covers channeled spells, similar to arcane missiles from WoW, where if you move, while casting, it will interrupt the spell cast. Another one covers a charging spell that is pretty similar to the spartan laser from halo and that has a charging meter widget. I also have a few more things that I need to get around to recording as well!

Ahhh, here we go! The missing links… Thank you! Thank you! :cool:

Oh really? Why do not you make videos from scratch doing this system and not just showing it? Many people will not be able to guide themselves or not just seeing what you did

Is not working for me… nothing happen…
Is possible the spell hit and target the near enemie without use the lock? in my game is a movile only with 3 botons with 3 spells but need the spells hit the enemies on the level automatically…
Any idea?


What ever happened to the channeled abilites tutorial?