MMO style game - UI designer / C++ / Level Designer artists needed

Hi all,

We’re looking for talented people to join our team in order to develop a MMO style game inspired by SuperHeroes.

The description for each task are generic right now, since all the details ( and documents ) will be shared after a NDA is signed, this is to give you a general idea of the project.

What we’re looking for

C++ / Blueprint Artist

  • We’re creating our own Character Customization Tool which will feature many tabs ( 9 in total ) in order to setup character class, appearence, powers, costume accessories, and so on; the C++/Blueprint artist will take care of creating the classes, powers, manage the costume addons, store everything and apply that on the character.
  • Adding customization to the UI ( custom slider and custom functions )
  • Create and manage gameplay logic, AI setup ( after the Character Customization Tool is finished )

UI Designer

  • Currently the UI of the Character Customization Tool is done with standard UE4 UMG. We want a UI with custom buttons, sliders and background. There will be 9 tabs ( so 9 pages in total ), related to the character appearence, powers, class, costume additions, and so on.

Level Designer

  • We would like to create an environment inspired by a modern city, by also adding some large urban areas ( for horde/mobs situations ). The level will be used as a vertical slice to show the gameplay, AI, VFX, and so on.

If you’re interested in any of the roles feel free to contact me, possibly by email ( [EMAIL=“”] ), and be sure to include a link of a demo reel and past experiences.

All are considered as ***paid ***positions and we’re looking for someone who can work constantly on the project.