MMO RPG - Game Development

Hi guys,

are there any good Tutorials out there to build a new MMO RPG game with Blueprint.
I am a 3d modeling artist but dont know anything about Gamedevelopment. So let me know if someone has any advice to creat my game with UE4

i dont say this to be mean but dont even bother trying. a MMO is a monumental task and you need to know many aspects in depth including programming, networking, servers, etc. also blueprint is a great system but to my understanding its not as performant as actual code like C++ so it wont handle the task nearly as well.

my advise to you would be to learn blueprints first from the basics then move into other aspects of ue4 to learn the systems, keep building your knowledge and eventually make a basic multiplayer game (which there is abundant tutorials on). once youve gotten that far then you could possibly start thinking about making a team to make a mmo. or you could assemble a team now and you could be the artist and let someone else handle the netcode and programming.

if your just looking for info on gamedevelopement then i would say youtube is great theres a ton of info there (unrealengine & extracredits channels are a good place to start). you could also check out which has some good articles about making games and art. then theres always courses on games on sites like udemy.

thx for the fast reply. I hope i can finis my project^^