MMO, general overview, I'm not asking anything, please don't delete thread

Games in general: 3d object assets(mesh, rigging, animation, materials, textures, physics properties, scripts), additional scripts, GUI, client and server applications, database, website.

Game features: movement, targeting, abilities, skills, inventory, equipment, bank, auctionhouse, vendor, trading, monsters, crafting, looting, parties, logging in, character creation, chat.

Website so the user could purchase an account.

Full loot, full pvp, player driven economy game. No quests. Buying books from vendors to learn new skills, then using your abilities to raise your skills which grant new abilities. Materials for crafting could be gotten from mining or looting or crafting. Every craftable object will have its own specific ability to craft it. Looting and mining will also be done with abilities. Every mining node will require a different ability to mine it. Crafting will always require a station.

The models will be skinned to meshes and animated using move and rotate. There will only be one animation playing at one time no matter what the model is. There wont be any animation blending so there will always be a stutter when your character changes between strafing and running etc.

I’m also interested in animating materials using some sort of blending between sets of painted verticies.

The animations would need to be playing correctly. The abilities would need to work in combat by range and obstruction. All the other features that operate with the GUI would need to be coded too.

I didn’t mention anything about how I would graphically craft the GUI, because I don’t know how I would.

I’m confused what the point of this thread is.

Also, you note “Website so the user could purchase an account” - You do realise you’ll need a server with a database of users, if they can play and you’ll also need a server for the game, possibly a server for chat depending on what size your game is and you’ll need a server for achievements if you’re using that.

The point of this thread is to start a discussion about an MMO.

I listed what I think all the technical components of a video game are, and all the features that I think an MMO game would have. I also said I would want a website for my game. I then made a paragraph about modeling and animation, and added after it a sentence about a creative technique I would like to employ. Then I made a paragraph expressing how it would take a lot of work to develop the game. Then I closed by saying I don’t know anything about how to make GUIs.

I don’t think the OP is hard to understand.

I have a free book on my site dedicated to UMG, which you can use for your GUI:

Your original post is very unclear, What do you actually want to start a discussion on, How to create an MMO?

What is unclear?

I want to start a discussion about how to make a specific MMO that I have an idea for.

But it is unclear because you haven’t actually asked a single question… literally… not one single question. You have only presented us with your to-do list. Maybe this needs to be moved to the WIP forums and given a more relevant title?

But I’m not asking anything, and I don’t plan on working on it.

This is the same as your other nonsense threads, so closing it