MMO game and all character blueprints if players are offline

I learned that I cannot spawn a blueprint otherwise any change made to a individual player unique character in a massive multiplayer online roleplay game would have to also overwrite the file.

And here is what i want to ask. Does it means that if i have a server similar to world of warcraft, I have to have a huge amount of starting characters blueprints and when player decide to start new character he possesses a blueprint for this. Does this means that if my server have 100 000 players registered and each have average of 3 gaming characters and at a given moment only 5000 players are online I will still have to keep 295 000 blueprints in the world for all other offline characters. Would this have ti be inside the server game and I can send copies of the active character blueprints to the people’s games at home only if they are close to each other? And as a home user when someone goes offline to delete thise blueprints as files from their PC as they just wont need so much information during their “run” times. Is this how i have to do massive online game chacaters treat(organize)?

Can I send all offline characters into a place in the scene where they wont be readed every frame but only when someone logs in, then he just relocate his character blueprint into the playable part of the scene?

You need to figure out how to save characters instead of just storing them in the world (Server load would be a severe problem, not to mention if the server crashes or simply shuts down it wipes everyone’s data completely making updates impossible, not to mention being a massive ticking timebomb, when it goes off your game dies). There is no not potentially offensive way to put this, judging by the lack of a team, still being new to blueprint and just dipping your toes into c++, you should not be making a mmo or even something similar to it without a lot of practice on something a lot smaller (And a team would certainly help too) especially as your first game, with only 2 months worth of experience on ue4, as you probably will end up with one of the tens of thousands of mmos that play like a crappy singleplayer game. Scale back ASAP.

I understand you I will see how to save characters, not exactly mmo but i want to make a something similar in time