Mixing two Aimoffsets


Has someone idea what would be best way to use two Aimoffset. I mean that character may have weapon or character may use fists for punches. Those need separate Aimoffsets of course. Key input from Character blueprint etc to decide which one to use? Does someone have a clear idea how to do this?

I can think of several ways to skin this cat…one I’d likely use would be when I set the Gun to be equipped (or if it’s always equipped then I’d set it right before it’s used…) I’d set the Aimoffset to the Value needed for the gun…Same goes with the Fists… I imagine you’re using a Variable for your Aimoffset so it can be set anytime you wish…
Hope that answers your question…if not let me know…

One easy way would be to use two separate aimoffset nodes and a BlendByEnum node to pick which one to use the results of, based on the active ‘weapon’ (e.g., fists or guns). If you’ve got a complicated graph behind the AimOffset, use Save Cached Pose to share that between all of the aim offset nodes with a Use Cached Pose node each.

Michael Noland