Mixing simple and complex collision models


I want to create a tilting maze game. I wanted to cap the maze with an invisible box to keep the ball from jumping over the walls. I tried to add a box collision to the mesh inside the mesh editor. Unfortunately, it looks like it uses either complex collision, namely the polygonal model itself or the simple collision box.

How can I use both? Thank you!

Is there any reason you can’t add the collision to the level instead?
Just create a large flat roof??

Failing that you can achieve this with custom collision profiles. But I would consider making modular maze pieces and using simple collision primitives as opposed to making the maze as a single mesh and using complex collision.

Performance wise you definitely want the maze modular so that unused portions can not be held up in memory.

Absolutely, you are right, this was made during a course just for simplicity sake. I usually import the collision meshes as separate custom mesh inside the editor. But I was wondering if I could mix the 2 types of collision in the mesh editor. If you know how please let me know.

Thank you for your replies anyway!