Miximo Animations and Unreal Engine 4 Setup

Well this is a broad of how to but more if a question of if i did it correctly for what i was trying to perform.

1- miximo character with the animations from miximo exported into FBX (all anims were with noskin)
2. imported to UE4 and got Character working with base 3rd person template…
3. Using booleans i set up and casted as you see in video correctly i think…

Okay issues are when i mash left mouse anim either
A. restarts from start
B. stops at end not allowing anything continue for anims

Kick seems to be more fluid with its pressing but i dunno whats wrong…

Followed various tutorials… self worked some logic… asked some tutors who clearly are not trained for UE4… IM lost

If i get this down then i will make a vid series as like most but from START to finish… With support for those following… I have time…

Heres Video sorry for first 3 mins had to be Cut due to recorder not showing Screen (was just showing where i got the Character from and anims miximo)

Thanks for reading

If i understand correctly the punch anim is not running complete. Do you have anything set on INPUT KEY ATTACK (On Release) ?

Yes i got the punch anim from miximo so its complete… it seems to be firing correctly on leftmouse, and i set bool to true… also on release set bool to false

it fires then if button is clicked without a timed clicked
ie click…Click it fires correctly finish to entirety
if you click click click is repeats from start or sticks at the end till you stop clicking or let go of the mouse…

Anything youd like to see screeny or quick video?

PS Love your Game titles Sweet set

Try removing the bool false, and disable looping inside the ANIMATIOn BLUEPRINT, for that animation.

i tried that theory and now it works as smooth as the animation will allow and not using anim notify s… so now i have feet sliding while animation is performing… i need feet to use walking while punching… ps after punch finishes it goes straight to walk or run…

i set all attack animations for a slot node of body which is in between default loco and final anim pose… any direction on this?.. once again ive tried the ones ive found but due to reverse engineering not working im trying to understand from zero to what i need…

Anything youd like to see screeny or quick video?

Anim Graph



If you want to merge run and punch animations you have to assign another animation group (and blend them). Inside the animation blueprint add a new animation group, then add the punch animation to that group. Then add the group to the animation Anim Graph, currently you only use default group. In the first videos of this video tutorial series, https://www.youtube.com/user/immigrantinc/videos it is explained in more detail.

To quit a running animation add another anim notify, thus add a QuitCurrentAnim at the beginning of each combat animation. But it gets a little more tricky if you use chains of attacks. (See above video tutorials for that). Basically you do not need bools at the input nodes, unless you have other logic in play like blocking or something interrupts. For those add a branch, and check if a bool is valid, ie. Branch if Hit true, play impact animation …

Also delays and animations can make for very unpredictable behavior, hard to pinpoint, so try to avoid delays and animations. Rather try to use the Animation Blueprint (Event Graph) for that.