Mixamo Webinar on setting up an autorigged character in UE4 is on in 5!

Just a heads up, the Mixamo webinar for setting up custom character animation blueprints using Mixamo animation is going to start soon!

You can join by going to joingotowebinar.com and using ID: 100-661-059


Title: Mixamo Webinar - UE4 with a Mixamo Skeleton
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Time: 11am PST

Technical Support Engineer Jeanette Mathews will show you the ropes of building a Fuse character, getting it rigged and animated on Mixamo, and then bringing it into UE4.

We will record the webinar and send around the video, even if you can’t make it!

I just tried to join, Sept 10, 11am PST and it says the webinar has ended.

That was fast.

115-993-715 ==> 100-661-059

Burp, yeah sorry our bad, correct ID should be 100-661-059 :rolleyes:

I had a bit of lag and I dont listen well when you said that will be possible to download the animations from Mixamo site with UE4 bones hierarchy.
Is this right?

This is right. It’s in the pipe right now and we anticipate the feature to drop in the next few weeks.

That’s interesting! Will the animations we already purchased be redownloadable in this format?

Yepyep! Anything you purchase can be re-downloaded from your account page, even if you change the file format

Sorry for the necro, coming back from a little time away. I have Fuse. Will I be able to retarget my generated characters to the unreal skeleton?

Hi, Will the webinar available later as video tutorial?

Any news on this?