Mixamo using animation on ue4 skeleton

So today I animated a Fuse character in maya using the mixamo control rig script. But now I want to use this animation on the Mixamo for UE4 Skeleton. Is there an easy way to do this or would I have to rename all the bones and how would I rename all of the?



Hi Leo! Jeanette from Mixamo here. The Auto-Control Rig script isn’t currently compatible with the UE4 skeleton download type. If you’ve customized the animation a lot using the script and controls you would need to save the animation and retarget to the Mixamo for UE4 skeleton.

If you’re only making minor adjustments you may want to download the animations in the UE4 skeleton download type to begin with. This will also give you the root node and IK motion properly which the non-UE4 format doesn’t have.

I made a completely new animation from scratch so retargeting is the best option. Only problem when I retarget the Animation to the UE4 Skeleton, the UE4 Skeleton does not animate, it just stands still there. Would there be an easy way to just rename the bones in the fbx file?

I have found a very tedious way: export animation as fbx in ascii -> replace all e.g. LeftArm = upperarm_l -> import in maya -> export selection as fbx in binary (I have only tested this for one bone but theoretically it should work). I will try writing a script for it now.

Well turns out it is not that easy. I only converted the animations for the left arm but it does not work really well. I think the axises are not the same so the animation looks really bad (The different body parts are not connected, the just seem to float around). I allready tried setting the up axis to Z, but no luck, same weird animation.

e/ I’m sorry, had different problem, misunderstood you.