Mixamo use character


First I am sorry for my mistakes but I am French so I don’t speak really good english…

I am trying to use Mixamo character in a projet. I download a character (Akai e spiritu) and an idle animation, a walk animation, a run animation.
I watched a video about this subject
and I do all they say but I doesn’t work.

I will explain you what I did.
I create a folder for the character and import the caracter. Then I create an animation folder in it and import animations with the good skeleton.
I copy and paste the ThirdPersonCharacter and the ThirdPersonGameMode in my folder. I change in it the mesh that I want to use. Then when I press play this is the good character.

Since there all is okay.
Next I create the Character_AnimBP. You can see on the screen what I did on it (the 6 first screenshot)
Then I change the animBP in the AkaiCharacter (that I paste earlier)
I also create the Blendspace that you can see in the pictures.
In also modify the event graph as you can see in the pictures.

So I did all the guy in the video did.

But when I press play (I have already compile all files and saved them) the character is not walking or running. It stays idle and the character is just moving like that…
So I am really sad cause de video was great and I thought that it will work.

So do you know what can be wrong in what I did ? Did I miss something ?

Thank you so much for any answer and thank you for your time.

Good bye ! Best regards.