Mixamo to Unreal Rootmotion problems

Hi, i’m using a lot of mixamo animations on the character that i created but none of them are working with root motion, i saw that unreal had some problems with mixamo animation because of the location of the root motion in past versions, it is still a problem? or there is something i can do? thanks

Try uploading your character model in mixamo and RIG it there, then apply animation that you like and finally Download it.

Can you post the file or a video/picture of how the root bone looks in Persona?

Just find out, mixamo still uses the pelvis as root so the root that i created have no animation, even if send it to mixamo in the first place, so now, every animation that i have from mixamo i will have to open on a 3d modeling program such as maya or 3dsmax and copy the animations from the pelvis to the root, thanks for the help guys!

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hi, WasPedro
How do you copy animations from pelvis to the root in Maya. I couldn’t do that.
thanks for help

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you need to open the animation on another program that let you edit animation tracks (3ds Max, Maya, etc…) and copy the tracks there.