mixamo to mannequin

I want to retarget mixmamo animations to ue4 mannequin. The arms position is bad, the rest is ok. I tried everything i found on the net: setting the bones to skeleton, saving a T pose with retargeting manager to get the default A pose closer to mixamo’s T pose. (actually the retargeted animation was the same before and after I changed the reference pose, so maybe it’s not working as intended. I’m using 4.11 btw)
Maybe someone else got this problem and got some solution. Thanks in advance.

(the issue is what on the end of this page:

but the suggested solution did not solve it)

Yeah sorry to say this is a historic problem of being able to do a 1-1 conversion of animation data as there is always the problem of how the rigging was constructed as part of the original authoring of the animations.

Old school wise setting up a BVH rig required the rig in the t-pose position followed up by zeroing out the joints rotation transforms so that the additive animation applied started out at zero. In the case of Mixmamo the rigging is based on the construct and naming convention of MotionBuilder so it does not require the zeroing out of the rotation transforms as it seems to be in use with the UE4 rig mannequin as well the joint rotations for twist is parented different so it’s not uncommon to have a joint rotation go off in unexpected directions as would be expected from an unmatched rig.

“Sometimes” you can retarget in UE4 to an “acceptable” result but for the most part it’s a “bang your head on the keyboard process” that is better done using an external application more suitable for the purpose of authoring animations and more so if attempting a retarget of two rigs structured differently.

It’s probably the difference in rigging structure is why Mixamo dropped direct UE4 support.

Any way to correct the animation after retarget? blending in the correction somehow, maybe?

Bottom line no there is no practical way of correcting animations as authored as it is a content level problem so the only “true” way of correcting the problem is to export the animation as is and correct it in an editing application and replace the offending animation. Word use it’s a fidelity problem of how the asset was constructed as to intended purpose of use so as far as best practice goes there really is no other option but to export the data, reconfigure the data as to use, and reimport.

In general it’s a bad idea and practice to fix content issues engine side as small problems tends to compound over time as to unique patch jobs to force the engine to conform to the demands required to make an asset “functional” and if habit will become a stack of cards that will at some point cave in on it’s self. Like it or not this is the dirty ditch digging job of games development where patch job work arounds is a very bad idea.

apparently setting up a common rig inside retarget manager fixed my problem. The naming of bones was the same so i did not think it was necessary. I just selected hunanoid rig for both the mannequin and mixamo rig and it worked

If anyone is interested I created a Maya script which retarget Mixamo animations to the UE4 Mannequin

Just checked the video.

Well I think many people are interested dude. But you could at least have the courtesy to write the price for it in here. And if its a .mel, .py or .pyc.
Price will make me decide if its worth buying or if Id rather write my own.

I just wana give a note to my post: I used the unreal type export from mixamo, which worked fine, however after i learned that they are no longer available I tried the plain fbx format and since it has no root bone I couldn’t retarget it well. I see there are methods to overcome this problem, I will try those.

Pretty much solves the issue, doesn’t it?