Mixamo skeletons have no Root

So I thought I’d have a look at the Mixamo animations and well turns out they have no root bone, which makes them about as useful as a boat in the desert. I went through the whole process of retargeting and set up a blend space for the walk/run. Then I tried to set up a blend space for crouched movement and… fail! Without a root bone, the animations don’t actually “crouch.” The legs just pull up off the ground so your character crouches in the air. Then I realised jumping has the same problem and so does every other animation where the character doesn’t stay at 0 on the z-axis. Just wanted to share this to save other people wasting their time with them. Look elsewhere for your animations.

You need to export them in FBX Unreal format, when you queue for download there is an option in the drop down menu to pick Unreal fbx. You can then import these animations either for the fuse skeleton or UE4. UE4 Mixamo animations might be off a little bit. Retargeting is an issue because you can no longer pick the option for rotating arms when retargetign with UE4 retarget manager.

Hmm… not sure what web site you are using, but I don’t see any option for Unreal FBX???

When I click on Queue Download, the only Format options shown in the drop down list are.

FBX for Unity
Biovision For 3ds Max Biped

Same and i get similar non working issues 4.9V

I did how ever if i used there models get it working… hummm

Hi, the option to export in ue4 fbx appears only if you’ll use an original model uploaded and rigged there, for example made by fuse.
If you use a premade model from the site, or also if you try to upload a mixamo’s character from the marketplace package, the option to download the ue4 fbx won’t appear.