Mixamo’s Fuse 1.0

can u use Mixamo’s Fuse 1.0 in ue4

I am pretty sure it would, but I will test when I get home.

I have been working on that today and so far I have managed to get a character created in Fuse 1.0, rigged via Fuse and Mixamo’s website and then imported into UE4. So that part of it works with the exception of a minor problem where materials send the output of there specular output to the base color outputs in UE4. Funny part is Fuse is using FBX fileformat 7.4.0 and UE4 is using 7.3.0 and so UE4 reports this as an error during import.

I will post more about animations as soon as I figure that part out myself

can u edit the character’s face in another program, to get the character look like how u want it, face wise

I’ve been meaning to give it a try for a while now so i finally did it. Both the mesh and animations imported perfectly when you download them as FBX after rigging and animating. It didn’t import the textures but it doesnt matter. You can import them manually and set your material.


can i edit the character face in ue4 or another program

You can always upload your own mesh to rig and apply animation. There is a polygon limit for free rigging though.

i don’t mind that, i want make a fighting game, that’s y i ask. so i still want my characters to still look orginal

Cool, you don’t even need Fuse then. Just model your characters in T pose then upload to Mixamo’s auto-rigger and pick your animations afterwards.

can’t get characters model

I believe the answer is yes, you can edit the face in another program if you need to with the new version of Fuse (i.e. 1.0). There are a bunch of new changes and one of them would allow you to import into Fuse a new “head” model that you made with a different program. Of course, there are plenty of different “heads” already available in Fuse but if you needed to make a “Jack Bauer” head for your project it looks like you can do that now with the latest version of the program.


thanks for the help

how is this software to you, i seeing bad reviews, ok i now see, it’s a early access,