Mixamo now provides free Auto-Rigs for characters made with Fuse

We are happy to announce a full transition to the new Mixamo 2.0 interface AND free Auto-Rigs for characters made with Fuse. Read our blog post for more information.
“As of today, instead of charging $50 per Auto-Rig for a Fuse character, there will be no charge at download for an Auto-Rigged Fuse character. This is true for any Fuse user, regardless of whether or not you have a Mixamo plan, and regardless of whether you are using Fuse or Fuse Basic.”

This is great but I had somehow assumed it was free anyway…I recently (2-3 weeks ago) made a character for test purposes and auto-rigged and downloaded it. I don’t recall paying but I guess you have my card details so perhaps I have been charged??

To be honest, I find your site confusing, I am never sure if I’m paying for something or not. On the front page the other day it mentioned a free motion animation pack but I couldn’t actually find it in the 2.0 interface and didn’t have the unity plug-in to use the old one…Don’t get me wrong though, I think what you offer is fantastic, I just wish you’d make it clearer to understand if I’m being charged money or not. Also, when previously subscribing, I ended up wasting 2-3 of my available animations because you had changed the functionality without me knowing that such feature had changed. This is essentially the reason I cancelled my sub, I just felt I was getting mislead and confused as to what was going on.

Apologies if this comes across as a rant, I do like what you offer and I may re-visit Mixamo, the tools are the fastest I know to get a custom character into my game.

I look forward to trying this:)

So I purchased Fuse. I am having lots of fun. I made a couple models and brought them into UE4. One question. Can I use my model with the animations that come in the marketplace mixamo pack? Ie, Mixamo_adam animations with my model