Mixamo + kubold = serious animations compability issue!


Yesterday my team has found some serious incompability issue between Mixamo animations and Kubold Animation sets, that we would like to inform about.

When the Kubold’s and Mixamo animations are used simultaneously - during their transition - strange drop of character’s position happen.

We don’t want to blaim the Kubold in any way, we contacted him, he tried to be very helpful and stated, that he has no knowledge about this issue, since he has never used animations from mixamo and Kubold’s packs together, but as he stated - this may be kind of “local axis” Unreal Engine issue.

Unfortunately we haven’t found any sort of solution yet…

Please help!

OK - solved it

The solution as follows:

  1. First import the animation and assign it to the default UE4 T-pose Third Person Project Skeleton
  2. Right click on the imported animation, select “retarget animation”
  3. Untick the “Show only compatible skeletons” box in case you are using another Skeleton based UE4 T-pose for your custom character
  4. Retarget the animation to your custom character
  5. Voilla! Working!

Thanks so much!

but have you any idea why it happening? because I don’t want to dot retargetting because it cause some small artifacts hard to fix…

Just put attention to snapshot - character’s body is collapsing, while transition from one animation to another.

it is because root is not rotated by 90 on X asis in Kubold animations.

another solution - is open animation in Maya and rotate root and pelvis (and IK) by 90X