Mixamo Import

I imported a Mixamo character, following this tutorial: https://www.mixamo.com/workflows/unreal as well as poking around at some other tutorials and I can almost get there.

I get everything exported and set up, but the walk and run animations from Mixamo physically move the character forward, and then at the end of the animation loop, the rubber band back. This is of course a bit less than optimal :slight_smile:

I can root them with enable root motion and then setting a root lock, but that causes them to โ€˜waddleโ€™ pretty horrifically.

I am a noob at all of this, so I am probably just missing something, but any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT:oh, yeah, I am in unreal 4.8

go back to the download page of the animation and select the walk animation, there is a box you can tick to enable in place animation



nps buddy, it took me a while to work it out when i first used mixamo