Mixamo Fuse expert needed

I’m currently trying to use mixamo fuse as the basis of my own character creation screen within ue4. I want to have a modular character made up of head, torso, arms and legs. However, rigging these separately through fuse and mixamos website results in out of place bones and the body parts not fully aligning correctly when added to the t-pose skeleton.

Also i’m struggling to get the hairstyles out of fuse to be used within ue4 (without having a full body character).

Is there anyone out there with extensive fuse and ue4 experience that can help out and offer me some pointers?

I use Fuse and have uploaded/downloaded quite a few characters to Mixamo.
By the sounds of what you are doing, the website approximates bones placement on their custom algorithm, which is due to where you place the joints (Wrists, knees groin and chin)
This means that each time you rig something it may not be the EXACT outcome as it was the first time, bones will be out of place, Etc.
I don’t know if Fuse is the best answer to what you’re trying to accomplish, unfortunately. :frowning:

tbh i think it would be better for you to use blender (or other expenive 3d progs) to do the skinning/weighting for the seperate items you could use mixamo for the base mesh but then use the other for the parts

makehuman is a free open source program similar to Fuse.
It’s slightly better than Fuse, but remember, these programs are for base chars to be further edited in a modelling programs like Blender.

So would fuse work to make a character, rig it… then download it and perhaps use another program to copy it and remove all but the arms… so I have a TPP and FPP to use in a game?

bottom line is yes, not the way i would do it but thats also the way Epic has done it for some of their demo games/templates

ps i don’t think they used Fuse though :wink:

How would you go about doing it? I am not a big 3d guy, did some 3d cad over the years, but mechanical stuff, not human forms. And it seems to do a FPS where others see a full body you need both meshes an animations and to use the owner only see and owner no see.

tbh i’d use the old ut3 way where the fp-arms are just the arm bones + 1 spine but it does seem easier to use the full rig as that way you only need one set of anims, yes in most cases i see the arms are set to owner-see and the full mesh the other way round