Mixamo from Blender problem

What is the correct way to export fbx animations-skeletal meshes from blender to unreal? If I use a fuse-mixamo character with animations it works fine inside unreal, however so far any alterations made from blender causes my animations legs and arms to become twisted.
I have followed so many various tutorials on everything from Mixamo Rootbaker to mirroring the Unreal Mannequin and in the end I get the same result. I have tried other means as well as different plugins such as chiro’s mixamo reskin plugin, and still has the same effect.
I have tried with different mixamo characters as well and they again work fine so long as they don’t touch blender.

Fuse -> Mixamo -> Unreal = works great
Fuse -> Mixamo -> Blender -> Unreal = spaghetti

I imagine there is a check box or something I’m missing. I’ve paid close attention to all these video import and export settings, but I can’t seem to figure out what or why this is happening.

Did you subdivide, or change the bones in any way?

This is with no changes at all inside blender. My last attempt was following a mixamo convertor plugin for blender tutorial, which was same result. I have even tried mixamo -> unreal -> blender (which I noticed changes a some things inside) that result was way worse. My next best guess would be to try the rigify inside blender, however I just can’t see why this works great if I bypass blender.

By the loom of it. The bones are either moved out of position, or, the bones are converted to BB bones which makes them into a chain rather then keep them the same.

If you can get it to UE4 fine. Do that, then export the FBX and use it as the base to work from with rigify.

Not sure if it’s just me, but using the Fuse beta exporter to Mixamo directly was causing my problem. The one where it auto rigs. I tried the steam fuse program earlier today which had me export the file then send it to mixamo and manually do the bone alignment. This worked great and the animation was as it should be.

well, as I said, the image shows that the issue is one of bone alignment being different from what was used to skin and weight paint.
You can move bones (blender edit mode) without causing issues, but an animation will move them back to where it was coded to, causing all sorts of distortions like those you see.