Mixamo COntent doesn't work?!

The free Mixamo content doesn’t seem to work in my package. Has anyone else had this problem. I have all the releases so far except 4.3 (I do have 4.3.1 though).

Could you be a little bit more specific? What exactly is not working? :slight_smile:

It does not work with any of the UE4 provided animations or content. It has a completely different bone structure and isn’t compatible with Owen’s or the generic template animations.

I downloaded the Mixamo Content Pack. Under it there is a button that reads ‘Add To Project’. When I click that button a window opens up with all the other projects and content I’ve downloaded, but they’re all greyed out and cannot be selected. In addition to that none of my own projects pops up in the list and there’s a line that reads ‘no personal projects found’ or something like that.