Mixamo completely free?

Hey! I just came to Mixamo today after a while, and I can download everything. Has Mixamo turned completely free? (after merge with Adobe)

Since I remember it was always free. Give some specific examples what exactly turned free?

Yes now it’s free and everything you acquire will stay free to use in your account for personal and commercial use.

I spent an afternoon “purchasing” their stuff, they have hundreds of animations.

Once the Adobe version of Fuse is out of beta, don’t be surprised to see the free giveaway vanish and things starting to cost some money again.

During the transition to Adobe they turned them free yes. According to their forums they will notify in good time before changing that. Just be aware that even though they’re free, we still have to comply with their EULA for the animations/characters we download/“purchase”, which means we may NOT re-distributed in ie. fbx format for various marketplace content (only in a packaged executable game or similar), which kinda sux, but still makes pretty good sense if you think about it.

Yeah they have the beta version out now for subscribers, looks like they have been going down the photogrammetry route lately in it.

Mixamo and photogrammetry? Really? Can you post reference link?

I haven’t really looked into it, I’m just going by the names they are giving the models:


Can I use Mixamo characthers for my kickstarter project, only for prototyping?

Is this legal?


For the last 6 months, Mixamo has been free since it’s been bought by Adobe.