Mixamo character not working

I try to use mixamo character and retarget with it and i get wierd pose and animations can is it not supporting anymore ?

Mixamo changed a lot of the way their system handles things and thus Mixamo no longer works directly.…-epic-skeleton

If you use the Epic Skeleton Without Root provided by this post and import the animation as a skeletal mesh, with import mesh, skeleton asset set to none
AND with import animations checked, you’ll get a bunch of files.

However, you’re only looking for the AnimationName_Anim_mixamo_com file. Delete all the other imported files and retarget that one to the default UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton
and it should work.

Tnx for share

Just small question is there way to use just a mash of a character with Epic Skeleton

I still struggling to make this work but somehow its not working no meter no one asnswers no one helps i hope some one try out to help out

I have add the root bone and pose the manequine and nothing works as u can see on images. The bones on fingers are mess after importing from maya but also tried import when add my character to mixamo and add Tpose and then import but still bones are at its place but nothing works still retarget is a mess

Any help sorry for double post but i need support here

have a look at this plugin if you want to retarget mixamo rigs to the ue mannequin skeleton correctly and precise

it really saves a lot of time