Mixamo Auto Rigging vs. ART Rigging

Hello all! I have some questions about rigging. I created a character in FUSE, exported it as FBX, imported it into 3DS Max, then I cut everything out except the arms and made a first person rig. It looks fine. But I heard of the A.R.T. tool and it sounds like it will make creating custom animations easier for me. My question is, will I be able to use the Mixamo rig properly with A.R.T? If not, does A.R.T. include some sort of auto rigging feature? Even if it will work properly, should I re-rig it using A.R.T instead? I’ve noticed that IK on models auto rigged by Mixamo don’t seem to work in UE4 even when exported with their “.FBX for Unreal Engine 4” format option. I’m installing Maya 2015 as I write this post. Thanks! :smiley:

EDIT: IK is needed for the hands because I need the rig to be able to hold items properly so I probably will have to re-rig it.

If I remember correctly Mixamo rig is Yup so you’ll have problems with the Zup UE4 axis reference.

ART is a plugin which allows you to create a custom rig ( with lots of options ) for humanoid characters, then you can setup the skin weights and so on.

Since it comes with the UE4 installer I strongly suggest you to try it in Maya, there are lots of tutorials on Epic youtube channel, so give it a try :wink: