Mixamo Animations stay in T pose

I have downloaded different characters from mixamo. Every animation I download for the characters stay in t pose in my content browser.
I imported and selected the correct skeleton. I did have to go into the mat the opaque so my char was not see thru.
Obviously my question is what is causing all my animations to not play?
I downloaded them fbx and with mesh. imported fine. they just don’t play

Edit: when I import into animations folder it also puts in the mat skins and some physicsassets for each animation if that helps

do they do anything when viewed in the animation editor or when assigned to a character in the level? nothing in the content browser should move or be animated so what you said doesnt make much sense.

So I downloaded the animation with no skin and it imported correctly. working now

in the content browser you see a still pic of the animation, all mine were t pose, is what I ment. they did nothing when assigned, in game or animation editor. It’s fixed now, per post below. Thanks for response though.