Mixamo animations not working properly

I’m very new to using UE4, and mixamo so bear with me please. I believe the solution is simple but I can’t find it. I have imported the animations for a character I downloaded, and I created the blend space for proper walk/run/idle animations. Those work fine, but when I go to run it in the thirdpersonmap, the animations loop inside of themselves. Its hard to describe but as I run forward it plays the entire with the loop. So as I run, the character runs farther away from the camera and at the end of the animation it brings it back to the starting point of the animation instead of running with the camera fixed on the character. If anyone can help me out and tell me how to solve this, I greatly appreciate it.

the same problem happened to me also when i was new to UE4. well it is not the problem of ue4 but of mixamo. If you go again to the mixamo website where it previews animations you can see a check box named in place. just check it and reimport your walking, jump and any other animation and you problem will be solved.

Thank you, that solved the problem! As a new user dabbling with UE4 it is really frustrating at times, so I really appreciate all the help.

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