Mixamo animations and characters ?

So I’m trying to use the Mixamo animations. I downloaded some basic animations (running, walking, jumping), but it doesn’t work. So basically, here is what I did. I followed the tutorial and set up some basic moves, since I had already done it with the mannequin, I only put jumping and sprinting this time (and moving ofc). I created my animation blueprint, and my blendspace (for which I also have a question, see here). Now everything should work, but somewhat when I move, the character is not animated (or kind of, it looks glitchy). It jumps as it should (there is some kind of delay but it’s the animation’s fault, not mine neither UE4’s). The sprinting and the walking speeds are also working (the character moves at different speeds) but like I said it doesn’t animate. Is it linked to the blendspace, or am I missing something ? I also noticed that, unlike the animations for the mannequin in the example pack on the marketplace, the animations from Mixamo represent a character which is moving at the same time it’s “walking”, while the mannequin walks but doesn’t go forward.

Here are my blueprints (imgur for captions) :

What can I do ?

Do you have your AnimBP for your character selected within your PlayerCharacter Blueprint?
Do you also have your EventGraph set to “Set Speed”? Like b1bb01967b87c033002e8b0488f7c82bf7f82c56.jpeg

Your Event Graph may not and does not have to look exactly like this I guess, but make sure the Speed is set at the end.
I know, they are basic questions… but it’s happened to me several times lol

Based on what I’m seeing in your linked graphs, I’d agree with Demrok on this one. To put another way I’d recommend editing the Event Graph of the AnimBP from what you had to match more of Demrok’s pictures. I’m uploading a picture with the edits from my perspective.

Edit: At a quick second glance, seems your direction and speed nodes are misaligned. You look to be applying speed to direction. I’ve not used the “Calculate Direction” node much. I tend to get the variables from my Character Blueprint after casting. (You’ll need a speed variable in your Character Blueprint the way I’m showing it). Apologies if that isn’t clear to you. Let me know and I can clarify. I noticed this after posting.


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Hi again

I’m sorry for not updating this, but well the situation changed. First, I understood how root motion worked and what it was. So I changed the way things work and now that should be kind of better.
The misconnection you pointed out on your last message already had been addressed after some hours of research (…)
Though, even if I’m properly using the animations now, my character won’t do anything correctly.
I enabled root motion in each animation asset properties. Then, I replaced every animation in my blendspace by the ones with root motion. I enabled root motion in the animation BP. All the rest stays unchanged, except for the jump which now uses another animation (with root motion too). The animation works great in the preview window of the animation BP. But when I start the game, it does nothing like it should.
As you can see on the video, the character just moves very slowly without animation when I press forward after launching the game. If I press jump, it jumps and after it walks forward or randomly (I can’t do anything), and if I press sprint, it’s sprinting forward (can’t go anywhere else). I really don’t understand… do you know ?

With inplace animations. You add movement to the capsule and that controls the animations.
With root motion things get reversed. You switch animations and that controls character movement.

Making a root motion character controller can be significantly more complicated than just using inplace animations. If your character is moving around randomly. Most likely the State machine blends into the incorrect state after playing your intended animation. If you want your character to stop you need to make sure the state machine blends into an idle animation after if it done moving.

So I should rather use the in place animations for the movement, right ? And reserve the root motion animations for the attacks / jumps and things that don’t depend on player input ?

I think that is a good design choice for many reasons. You can also build a purely root motion controller for higher quality animation at the expense of greater complexity and some loss of precision on where exactly the character ends up after movement.

But I don’t have any interest in doing this… thank you for the answers i’ll update the post later. Though even with in place animations the thing… doesn’t work :frowning: i’ll show you when I’m done with my math work