Mixamo animation works perfectly in C4D but gets torn apart when imported into UE4

Hello guys,

i’m using synty character assets for UE4. So the characters are already rigged. In UE4 i click on the character and export it as fbx file. I upload the fbx file to mixamo where it perfeclty animates the character. I download the fbx file from mixamo. I import them into UE4. Some of the simple animations (walking, idle …) worked fine, other animations gave me the warning: “imported bone transform is different from original” and the animation was torn apart (some movements missing, foot sliding to the side etc.)
When opening the same animated fbx file in C4D however, the animation is played perfeclty.

I tried exporting the animation from c4d into UE4 which didnt do anything.
I tried different settings in mixamo (fps, keyframes, with or without skin). I couldnt find a soultion googeling so you guys are my last hope.
I didnt try retargeting the animations yet (i guess that would be a possibilty) but mixamo seems so much easier and efficient which is why i want to keep it.

Did you import your character in UE4 with a new skeleton (Selected ‘None’ for Skeleton) or did you use an existing skeleton from the drop down list?