Mixamo Animation Retargeting with Root Motion

Hi, I created a char in Fuse, imported to UE4, and downloaded some animations like dual combo in mixamo.com and I made work in root motion, the character is going forward with the combo.

But now is the problem, when I retarget the animation from Fuse character to UE4 mannequin, the root dont move anymore in the new retargeted character, so the animation still works, but the animation dont move forward anymore, it just stay like IN PLACE animation.

I already tried to get the .fbx from mixamo and direct import with the UE4 skeleton, the root moves, but when I click on Enable Root Motion, the mannequin flip like that (same thing on new mannequin and old):

So i tried 2 different ways to get the animation from mixamo to another character without success. So if somebody helps me I will be grateful

I also encountered this problem, you solve now?

I believe there’s an optionbox when you retarget the animation. It’s the middle one (can’t remember the name of it, since im at work, but something with convert space something…lol). Uncheck that and it should keep the root motion. If i remember i’ll post the excact name.